Gulf Multi G 20W-50

Passenger Car Motor Oil

Gulf Multi G series are passenger car motor oils designed for older gasoline powered passenger cars and naturally aspirated diesel engines of light duty vehicles. These are blended using good quality base oils and performance additives to ensure better engine protection. Gulf Multi G is developed to exceed the performance requirements of API (American Petroleum Institute) SF/CD and is available in five viscosity grades viz. SAE 15W-40, SAE 20W-40, SAE 20W-50, SAE 20W-60 & 25W-60.

Features & Benefits

  • Good thermo-oxidative stability minimises deposits & sludge build-up
  • Effective rust inhibitors retard formation of rust in critical engine parts
  • Better antiwear technology minimises engine wear & reduces maintenance costs
  • Good Stay-in-grade performance ensures reliable lubrication even at higher load & operating temperatures


  • Recommended for use in passenger cars, light trucks and vans with naturally aspirated gasoline engines or light-duty diesel engines, where API SF/CD quality oil is required
  • It is suitable for year-round use under wide temperature conditions and ensures trouble free operation


Плотность (при 15°C) г/мл 0,898 ASTM D1298
Вязкость (при 100 ­°С) мм²/с 18,6 ASTM D445
Индекс вязкости n/a 125 ASTM D2270
Температура застывания °C - 21 ASTM D97
Температура вспышки °C 238 ASTM D92
Щёлочное число мг КОН/г 5 ASTM D2896
Сульфатная зольность % 0,7 ASTM D874