Gulf Pride 4004 LE SAE 10W-40

Synthetic 4-Cycle Outboard Engine Oil for Low emission Engines

Gulf Pride 4004 LE is synthetic premium quality 4-cycle engine oil specially developed for the most modern high output gasoline powered, water cooled outboard, inboard/outboard and personal watercraft engines with exhaust after-treatment. It is specially developed to meet the performance standards of NMMA FC-W Catalyst Compatible and certified against NMMA FC-W Catalyst Compatible specification (certification number FC00802K). This high quality oil is designed for the harsh operating conditions of marine environment and it provides excellent lubrication and protection against wear, deposits and rust & corrosion in four-stroke cycle engines appearing with exhaust after-treatment.

Features & Benefits

  • Exceptional shear stability provides protection against viscosity loss leading to superior wear protection of engines operating under high load/ high speed for extended period of time
  • Advanced rust inhibitors guard against rust & corrosion even in marine salt water environment
  • Good Low temperature fluidity assists easy cold start
  • Active cleaning agents provide superior engine cleanliness
  • Protects Catalyst in Exhaust After Treatment device


  • Recommended for and meets the warranty requirements of the following modern high output gasoline powered 4-cycle water cooled engines requiring NMMA FC-W Catalyst Compatible Oils.

    1. Outboard Motors: Honda®, Mercury®, Yamaha®, Johnson®/Evinrude®, Bombardier/BRP®, Suzuki®, Nissan®, Tohatsu®
    2. Inboard/Outboard Motors: Mercruiser®, Volvo Penta®, OMC®, Chrysler® Marine, Crusader®, Marine Power®, Chevrolet®, Ford®
    3. Personal Watercraft: Honda®, Yamaha®, Bombardier/BRP® (Sea-Doo®), Polaris®

Specifications, Approvals & Typical Properties

Has the following Approvals

SAE 10W-40

NMMA FC-W Catalyst Compatible (Certification number FC00802K)

Typical Properties

Test Parameters

ASTM Method

Typical Values

Viscosity @ 100 C, cSt

D 445


HTHS (after D 6278), cP

D 4683


Viscosity Index

D 2270


Flash Point, C

D 92


Pour Point, C

D 97


TBN, mg KOH/g

D 2896


Density @ 15C, Kg/l

D 1298


Phosporous % wt

D 4047


Sulphated Ash, %wt

D 874



Плотность (при 15°C) г/мл 0,86 ASTM D1298
Вязкость (при 100 ­°С) мм²/с 14,5 ASTM D445
Вязкость (HTHS) мПа*с 3,8 ASTM D6278
Индекс вязкости n/a 156 ASTM D2270
Температура застывания °C - 30 ASTM D97
Температура вспышки °C 226 ASTM D92
Щёлочное число мг КОН/г 7,9 ASTM D2896
Сульфатная зольность % 0,85 ASTM D874
Содержание фосфора % 0,076 ASTM D4047/ICP