Gulfco LA 40

Premium quality low ash natural gas engine oils

Gulfco LA series are premium quality, heavy-duty gas engine oils intended for lubrication of high performance gas engines requiring “low ash” oil. They are specially designed to meet the requirements of the newer lean-burn engines operating under heavy loads and sensitive to valve recession. These oils are formulated with carefully selected additive system to provide superior overall engine protection and reduced levels of combustion chamber deposits. Their outstanding detergency and dispersancy properties minimize ash formation and high resistance to oxidation and nitration makes them an excellent choice in engines operating under high load and high temperature conditions. They exceed the performance requirements of API CF, Waukesha Cogeneration and Dresser Rand category III standards and are available in two viscosity grades viz. SAE 30 and SAE 40.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides cleaner engines and improved engine performance
  • High oxidation and nitration resistance makes these oils an excellent choice in many engines operating  under high load and high temperature conditions
  • Protects against valve seat recession
  • Minimises ring scuffing of heavily loaded gas engines
  • Minimises combustion chamber ash formation and improves spark plug performance
  • Protects engine components against corrosive wear
  • Compatible with emission catalyst as it is formulated with less than 300 ppm phosphorus content


  • Two-cycle and four-cycle stationary natural gas engines where low ash oil is required
  • Lean-burn gas engines sensitive to valve seat recession
  • Systems equipped with catalytic converters
  • Natural gas engines operating on pipeline quality gas, sewer, biomass or landfill gas (except high halogen gases or gases with high levels of sulphur and hydrogen sulphide)